Coloring Book for Adults #HoliColoring

Coloring Book for adults

Coloring Book for #HoliColoring

This time I want to recommend coloring book app for Adults. If you like filling wonderful pictures of mandala, flowers, animals or any other you should definitely try this app. Coloring pictures is great way of creating personal space for relax, calm down a bit, concentrate teleport your mind to different dimension.

Coloring Book #HoliColoring

Discover our anti-stress coloring book for adults and kids, immerse yourself into the sounds of nature, select the image and give it its color. See how your mood changes after our color therapy. Art therapy – while coloring our mind rests, coloring is like meditation, lets you forget about everyday worries.

Some Key Facts about Coloring book for Adults:

✩ Use your imagination and creativity (choose colors, hue and shapes)
✩ Relax and unwind after a long day (anti stress and relaxation)
✩ Colorize beautiful mandala paintings and show them to the world
✩ Express yourself, show feelings and emotions
✩ Listen to the sounds of nature
✩ Develop your eye-hand coordination
✩ Take a journey through colors of: spring, summer, autumn, winter
✩ Color Therapy. Create your own color palette.

You’ll find coloring pages of:

  • Mandala
  • Animals
  • Flowers
  • Butterflies
  • Abstract
  • Emotions
  • Zentangle
  • Zendala
  • Messages

Get it on Google Play:

Few screenshots from app itself:


Kids Jigsaw Puzzles for iPhone and iPad

Puzzles for kids is now available for Apple devices including iPhone and iPad, you don’t have to install latest OS version, this app is looking great on iOS 7.0. It means that you can download Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles on your iPhone 4 as well.

You can read more at Apple iTunes:

Key Features:

  • 83 Jigsaw Puzzles and at least 14 of them are free puzzles, and this number can increase in future releases.
  • Puzzles arranged in categories: animals, fairy tales, for boys, for girls, kids, dinosaurs, princess, farm, vacation.
  • Special targeted categories: Puzzles for boys, Puzzles for girls and puzzles for kids.
  • Secure in-app purchases (simple math lock to prevent occasional buys).
  • Different levels of difficulty: from 6 up to 49 puzzle pieces.
  • Free version includes 10 beautiful pictures, you can unlock other using in-app purchases, buying any category will turn off all ads in the Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles.
  • Available on major platforms: iOS and Android

Jigsaw Puzzles for Children

Puzzle game for kids

Over 80 Jigsaw Puzzles for kids

Full version of Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles is ready and waiting for you. You can download full version of Jigsaw Puzzles for Children from Google Play:

Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids Android App
Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids Android App

Try before you buy!

You don’t have to buy this app to feel how entertaining it can be. Remember that developers from ITSS Games prepared free version of this app let you try how good it is. I can honest say, this is the best puzzle game for kids, and I we see how much work they did and do it’s absolutely worth a try!

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Princess Coloring Book

Princess Coloring Book Android app for girls

Princess Coloring Book – wonderful coloring game for girls. If your little toddler want to color cute pictures of Princesses, you’ve found the right app here. At first please take a deeper look at pictures showed below.

Download Princess Coloring book for Android from Google Play:

Halloween Coloring Book for kids Android

Halloween Coloring Book

Looking for Best Halloween app for kids? You’re not sure which one to try? Check our what we can suggest to give a “scary” fun for upcoming Halloween day :)

You can try, or other way, your child can try this Halloween coloring game for Android, why it’s worth a try? It’s simple, all pictures are kids friendly. It means that kids can play with “scary” witches and pumpkins, but it’s all about great fun. Just take a look you the app looks like:

Coloring Book for kids

Coloring Book for Kids Android

Coloring Book

You can find thousands of coloring apps in any available app market, but it’s really hard to pick the right one and besides fun to educate your child. Today we want to show you, what’s important when you’re trying to choose the right one.

Coloring Book FingerPen

This one is very interesting, it’s not only simple “fill in” app, your kids need to carefully draw the lines. Of course there’s a fill tool, which is useful to fill bigger spots, but this Coloring book for kids make it better.